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Aida Pastrana’~ Born in Utuado, Puerto Rico Aida is the newest literary sensation to join the AIS Entertainment & 901 Entertainment family. A Trenton resident for more than 25 years, this proud mother of two balances her life around her work, family, staying fit and her love for the literary arts. Her highly anticipated debut novel Internal Wounds set for re-release in 2013 is one of a two part series which she actually wrote over five years ago. This fiction piece is a promised page turner and readers will be anxiously waiting to read its sequel.

Internal Wounds is based on events from the author’s actual life. Fictionalized characters and scenes have been added to enhance the read, yet protect the innocent. In the story, the main character “Zena” goes through life early on facing emotional challenges after falling in love with her high-school sweetheart “Danny,” who later ups and disappears without any notice or good-bye’s. The separation leaves Zena so devastated, she finds it hard to move on, love or ever trust again. Thus, she never commits to any man, or relationship, conducts herself promiscuously by having meaningless sex with random men to cover up her true emotions and shadows her life with her busy career as a lawyer. Although scorned, Zena never gives up hope that one day her beloved Danny will return. Little does she know, Danny now is an obsessive, controlling and enraged man, though as desired, does return, their love is rekindled; however his hate and rage had birth someone who was now manipulative and his new disposition turned Zena’s fun-filled focused life completely upside down. Upon realizing he was no longer the man she initially fell for, she tries to escape but he’s not letting go. Not this time! Zena then finds herself trapped, clueless, scared for her life and in disbelief that the man she once loved so dearly could hurt her so bad, yet still manage to say,

“I Love You.”

How does Zena’s story end?

In order to find out you’ll just have to read, Internal Wounds, published by AIS Entertainment & 901 Entertainment.

Copyright © 2011 Aida Pastrana Perez

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